Thursday, November 3, 2011

For Period ONE

Dear Period One,

Below, please find the nature-related prompts that I mentioned to you in class. You can use them to fuel some fantastic new rough drafts and/or some Writer's Notebook entries. Happy writing; I hope you get a lot out of them!

*Five Details from the Dirt
*Seven Lessons from the Soil
*Natural Disaster
*Thoreau Wept
*Thoreau Rejoiced
*Title = significant natural location (Camp Site #17, Sunrise Mountain, etc.) - then, bring it to life!
*We Are All Suncatchers
*Water: Moving and Still
*Write a piece modeled after Mark Doty's crab shell (see the packet of poems I gave you earlier in the unit); the title should be the object and each stanza should be a snapshot of a different element of the object. End the poem in a more universal fashion, though, that goes beyond the mere physicality of the object.
*Choose a natural location. Study it during the morning, afternoon, and evening. Record some observations and build a piece of writing from the language you gather.
*If you visit my backyard, you will notice...
*Woman (or Man) Addresses Snake
*Man (or Woman) Addresses Mountain
*Man (or Woman) Addresses Pavement
*The History of Stars
*Is that Your Natural Color?
*A Human Constellation

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