Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Post-Midterm Post (Heh, heh...)

Dear Periods 1, 2, and 7,

(Why the grapefruit, you ask?) ... ... (Well, I can't just TELL you. That would ruin all the fun!)

Congratulations! We are officially in the second half of our year together. Thank you for all the sincere efforts you made to fulfill your midterm responsibilities.


Period 1, we are beginning our unit on ~LOVE.~ Have no fear: it will not involve pink bunnies or awful love poetry. It will, however, involve SECRET CUPID! That's right! Why should Secret SANTA get all the attention? Please be thoughtful of your partners and take this opportunity to connect with a classmate.

Here are some due dates and reminders: Pen pal letters - due on Wednesday, February 8; final drafts for family/generations unit - due on Friday, February 10; reading day - Friday, February 10; WN entries - next installment (12 entries) due on March 1.


Okay, Periods 2 and 7, it's your turn now!

Nice work with renga, everyone's favorite poetry party game! (And the crowd from medieval Japan goes wild! :)

Here are some of my favorite lines (written by YOU) from some of the class poems:

The thoughts of a writer
the pen working its way on paper:
open-minded, filled with speech.


Love is like a beautiful day -
but some people don't go outside.


Quiet tree stands alone.
It is aware that no one would miss it
if it were to fall.


Pictures were scattered
all over the bedroom floor.
No one dared to sleep there anymore.


And what better place to hide
than this room of kindness?


A welcoming kiss from the air,
clean and alive...


On Thursday, we will focus on HAIKU. Friday will be our Winter Haiku Challenge! Bring your completed haiku, bring your best reading presence, and get ready to win some (fabulous) prizes!

Here are some due dates and reminders: Final drafts of personification -OR- perspective poems - due on Monday, February 6; example of a favorite prose piece (with some textual highlights) also due on Monday, February 6; WN entries (6) due on Tuesday, February 7.

That's all for now, everyone.

Thanks for being great students.

See you in 215,
Ms. Strout

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